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Machine Shop Services

  • Milling  -  CNC Mills, Vertical, Horizontal and Boring

  • Turning -  We have lathes that will handle parts as big as 26 feet long, 32 inch swing

  • Grinding -  We can handle parts up to 4' x 16"

  • Welding -  Mig, Tig and Arc welding (both in-house and on-site)

  • Sheet Metal - We have many shears and breaks available for large production jobs

  • Metal Cutting - CNC Plasma 5 X 10 feet

  • Sandblasting

  • Painting, including Powder Coating

  • Materials - We commonly work with all types of:

    • Aluminum

    • Brass

    • Bronze

    • Copper

    • Plastics

    • Steel

    • Stainless steel

    • Titanium

    • Tungsten

Engineering Services

  • Mechanical Design - Detailed drawings on your choice of format

  • Machine Build - Complete assembly and test of both machined and purchase parts

  • Cabinet Build - Electrical control cabinet, purchase parts and assembly

  • Component Selection - Choosing the hardware to fit your requirements

  • System Layout - Optimization of workflow and ergonomics

  • Integration - Whether we build it or purchase it, we make it all work together

  • Installation - We have the manpower, on staff, to install your equipment

  • Documentation - Detailed mechanical and electrical drawings and program listings

  • Support - Douglas Industries is committed to customer support.  We offer maintenance programs and support contracts for any systems that we install.

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